ELD manuals

Wialon-based ELD solution is an effective tool to track HOS compliance, and like any other tool it only becomes effective when you know how to use it. If you have any questions concerning HOS solution deployment, refer to the manuals below or contact our technical support.

ELD Driver Guide

Find out how to get the most from HOS Mobile app:

  • Logging on;
  • Drivers activities;
  • Working with the app;
  • Creating driver logs.
Dealer Admin Setup Guide

This detailed manual clearly and simply explains how to use the solution:

  • Creating drivers;
  • Activating HOS on drivers;
  • End-user experience (Online Logbooks, Dashboards, DVIR and IFTA reports).

ELD marketing materials

Feel ready to promote the new solution? You can do it by yourself or make use of Gurtam marketing support. We are glad to present the materials on HOS/ELD solution for you to ensure instant ELD-compliance for your clients.

Wialon: HOS solution

  • Benefits of implementation;
  • Available functionality;
  • Features compatible
    with the solution.

Wialon: spheres of implementation

  • HOS/ELD compliance;
  • Fleet management;
  • Fuel monitoring;
  • Video telematics.