What is Apollo ELD

Apollo Eld app

Apollo ELD solution is based on the smartphone app that connects to the Bluetooth-enabled CANbus reader or GPS tracker and accepts RPM, odometer, VIN and other data directly from the truck on-board computer.

ELD app permanently displays the remaining time of “on-duty” and “driving” status, so that the driver can anytime be in control and be sure in his compliance. Drivers can quickly generate electronic logbook right on the mobile device and show it to a roadside inspector.

Office workers who control the compliance can then get access to the HOS web app using Wialon and monitor all drivers’ actual statuses. It allows to clearly see if anybody is out of compliance or close to violating the rules and take appropriate measures.

You can use the solution on any Android or iOS mobile device.

Apollo ELD Solutions

Apollo ELD is certified ELD solution published on FMCSA website. Using it carriers can meet mandate requirements and at the same time stay adaptable to cope with real clients’ requests. It is a proper tool for your ELD needs.

Hours Of Service (HOS)

Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR)

Apollo Eld app. DVIR Solution

Apollo ELD based on Wialon system will help carriers save time and money by using electronic DVIR reporting. The solution makes the paperwork unnecessary, simplifies and optimizes the working process. The digital reports also assist trucking companies in organizing the documents by storing them online, which helps with audits.

DVIR app saves all reports online and locally on the mobile. This guarantees the reports being available at any time despite the quality of the cellular coverage.

  • Reveal risky conditions
  • Find mechanical problems
  • Avoid failing DOT inspections and penalties
  • Keep CSA basic scores low
  • Vehicle inspection reports

International Fuel Trade Agreement Report (IFTA)

Apollo ELD contains IFTA reporting capabilites to help trucking organizations be fully compliant. It is user-friendly and able to eliminate outsourcing to save time and money. The same data as being gathered for the ELD solution is used to create basic components for reporting. To obtain this information, clients need to access the web portal and open the appropriate tab.

IFTA reporting software provides an opportunity to build reports for required jurisdictions and then export it into the pdf file. Reporting gets automatically enabled when a driver passes state lines. Odometer values from the vehicle computer provide mileage data which then gets divided into IFTA miles and non-IFTA. Using the ELD app the driver notes where he added fuel to the tank, and Apollo ELD does the rest.

Supported devices

Apollo ELD system is integrated with tracking devices from numerous verified manufacturers so that we could offer an entire telematics package to any fleet owner. Some manufacturers we support:

What is Apollo ELD